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At Enzo & C, we use San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella in all our Italian dishes. 

San Marzano is the superstar among tomatoes. It comes from the area around Napoli, where it grows in volcanic soil from the nearby Mount Vesuvius. Here, the small oblong and red treat is plucked by hand and quite a pride to the locals.

The San Marzano tomato is closely connected to the history of pizza because of its high quality.  

When the tomatoes are canned, they are only rinsed and skinned. In other words - they are completely without additives. The tomatoes used in our kitchen have the EU quality label DOP, certifying the origin and growth method of the tomatoes.

Buffalo mozzarella was originally a regional cheese from Campania in South Italy, where the white balls traditionally were made from buffalo milk.

Mozzarella is a so-called “spun” cheese - "filato" in Italian, giving the cheese an elastic, uniform and solid texture, which makes it possible to form it into e. g. the classic balls.

The original buffalo mozzarella from Campania used in Enzo & C, is also labelled with DOP, guaranteeing you and your family good, high-quality Italian food.


Taste the Italian flag with a Pizza Margherita

The Neapolitans created the first pizza made; Pizza Margherita.

In 1889, Queen Margherita was served a pizza that should symbolise the Italian flag. Tomato sauce symbolised the red, mozzarella the white and basil the green in the flag. The Queen was so excited about the pizza that it was named after her, Pizza Margherita. Today, it is still the most popular pizza in the world.